Medical Waste Landfill

TB-AB-MAX - Our Largest Incinerator Yet!


Our largest Incinerator Yet!

The TB-AB-MAX is our largest incinerator on the market. It is extremely solid, robust and built to last. This machine is ideal for horses and cattle and will fit up to six horse or cattle carcasses inside at one time.

There are two specific versions of this machine – agricultural waste incineration and medical waste incineration.

This machine will burn up to 500kg per hour, and our unique excess air control can increase or decrease the speeds of combustion.

Its robust design boasts a superior system of top loading through an automatic hinged-door arrangement. This design makes the machine more user-friendly. There is also no need for continuous supervision of the machine – once the GO button is pressed, it can be left until it completes its cycle.

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  • British Designed.
    British Built.
  • World leaders in
    incineration technology.
  • Unrivalled build quality
    & machine longevity.
  • Distributed to more
    than 95 countries.
  • Environmentally
  • Trusted partner with
    35 years experience.