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Customer Product Open House

One of the largest growing industries in the Cremation sector is “Pet Cremation”, and for this, we are hosting a customer product open house, here at our UK facility.

Within excess of 100,000 pet funerals in the UK & over 500,000 in the USA per annum. This profitable business model has a fast payback, it is a very niche market, and figures show it to be a business that is continuously on the increase.

Addfield Environmental Services has been Servicing the Pet Cremation sector for over 30 years. Addfield is fully accredited to APPCC (Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria) in machine build compliance. All our machines are built to a Robust, Reliable, and a high-quality standard.

This October, we took the opportunity to invite several of our  European clients to a live Addfield Pet Crem site in the UK, they have a Pet 200 Cremation machine and business is growing on a monthly basis for them.

The facility we visited is not only used for Pet Cremation service but is also home to poultry site who breed pet chickens to sell to home across the UK.

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