Pet - Mans Best Friend

8 Years of Treasured Friends.

Treasured Friends has been a customer of Addfield’s for the past 8 years so we have been able to see his business grow whilst he has informed us of the best practices for a pet crematorium.


Client overview

Treasured Friends is a family run business and one of Addfield’s oldest customers who still have the same pet cremator bought when establishing the company. 8 years on, the owner now employs 2 full-time and 2 part-time staff.


A cremator is needed

Mr Bolton, the owner of Treasured Friends, decided that he wanted to go into pet cremation over 8 years ago. He researched the market and found that his most reliable customers were likely to be independent vets and he had the opportunity to expand into individual cremations as the popularity of pet cremation developed. He soon realised that it was very difficult to get work from franchised vets as they often already have an assigned pet crematorium that usually chooses mass cremation.

The importance of good cremation

The main reason it is important to practice good cremation is to protect brand image. Pet cremation is often word of mouth so if a customer has a positive experience, they are likely to recommend the service to others they know. In keeping with this, if a crematorium has poor publicity then it is likely to lose custom plus it is hard to regain a reputable name once it has been lost.

A good cremator will also benefit a crematorium with high efficiency. This will give crematoriums, such as Treasured Friends, the confidence to provide a 24-hour service to customers which are highly appealing to those who want their pet’s ashes back. High efficiency also means that the crematorium can make a saving on the cost of fuel which will inevitably increase the profit margin.

Which Cremator?

Treasured Friends purchased one of the very first Addfield SBAB pet cremators. After considerable research by both parties, Addfield was able to custom-build the machine to meet Mr Bolton’s needs. The dual chamber allows him to place a large dog on the right and a small dog on the left which means the large dog is providing energy for small dog’s cremation. This efficiency is increased if they are flipped half way through the burn.

Fitting into the plan

Treasured Friends offer a same day collection with ashes returned within 24 hours so a highly efficient cremator is essential. Mr Bolton currently averages 12-14 cremations a day and has recently bought a new SB-AB.

Positive Feedback

On seeing the Cremulator in action, Carl Bolton was impressed with the fine powder produced and commented on it being ‘one of the quietest’ he has seen. He liked the robust structure, footprint and overall look and thought it was a ‘bonus it was built in Britain’.

Advantages of using Addfield Cremators

Mr Bolton has seen our competitor’s machines so was able to give us an insight. He agreed that Addfield is far more superior due to using refractory bricks. Not only does this provide a superior insulation compared to monolithic lining but our expert masons can also create a smooth surface. He pointed out that the competition’s floor is ‘moon like’ which makes it difficult to remove ash.


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