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Developing the future of waste management.

High Capacity Incineration Solutions

Addfield Projects Ltd. are creating the future of sustainable thermal waste treatment for solid waste.

Manufacturing high capacity machines to incinerate waste in excess of 1800kg an hour across the entire spectrum of waste management.

Building upon over 35 years experience in incineration design and manufacturing. Addfield Projects specialise in developing unique bespoke solutions to support our global customer base.

Environmentally sustainable machines designed to reduce reliance on fossil fuels whilst being capable of developing energy, reducing cost, improving efficiency and changing the way businesses run.

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Highly efficient and economic solutions to manage your waste and maintain your biosecurity.

Designed for complex waste streams

We are one of the UK’s most innovative manufacturers of incineration solutions. Proudly leading the way with our unparalleled design, quality and service.

Our team comprises of experts who have been producing the highest quality incinerators for a diverse mix of waste types for more than 35 years. Creating a range of the most reliable and efficient machines in operation today.

We expertly build all of our machines by hand in our facility located in the heart of the UK. Combining expert craftsmanship with cutting edge technology, enabling you to comfortably invest in the best options available on the market for destroying all non-recyclable solid waste whilst creating sustainable energy and meeting all necessary environmental guidelines. Selecting high-quality materials to construct our machines, means you can expect many years of operation and a clear return on investment.

Dedicated project management

A high capacity incineration facility is a significant investment. As such you can be assured that you will receive the focus and attention from Addfield Projects to ensure your site is fully capable of achieving all the goals you have planned. Our dedicated project management team works exclusively with you on all high capacity and bespoke installations to give a service you can trust.

Providing complete project management at every stage.

  • Advanced 3D Modelling.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics.
  • Premium Construction.
  • Dedicated Projects Team.
  • Full Training.
  • Ongoing Remote Support.

Working with customers worldwide in the development of incinerators and self-contained facilities has provided us with a unique insight into what makes the most reliable and successful installations. Our growing network of international distributors, and engineers gives you security alongside ongoing support following installation and commissioning.

Whether you are choosing a high capacity incinerator or full waste to energy site. When working with Addfield you will be able to access more than 35 years of technical innovation. Proudly manufactured exclusively in the UK by highly skilled craftsmen using only premium materials and components. Backed up by a design team accessing the latest in 3D design, modelling, visualisation and simulation.

Reviewing an incinerator being built

Waste to energy generation

Addfield Projects are creating innovative solutions for mass destruction of non-recyclable waste through incineration. Able to utilise the benefits of the heat generated, converting the waste to energy including Hot Water, Steam and Electricity.

Waste to Energy and Refuse Derived Fuel plants have gained popularity throughout the past 20 years. Following continual worldwide investment and development. Waste is taking on a whole new lease of life creating a more sustainable way of generating clean energy.

Europe is leading in the development of this field, where many countries have become so successful in this approach that they regularly import waste from neighbouring countries including the UK. The opportunities for clean energy are enormous as billions of tons of municipal solid waste destined for landfill are being incinerated creating endless possibilities for clean energy generation.

A trend that is only set to continue as a viable approach to managing the increasing global mountains of waste. Now is the ideal time to begin investing in RDF facilities as new regulations are being implemented on a global level to combat the impending waste crisis.

Addfield Projects brings together many years of experience working across the waste management industry to be able to deliver a complete range of solutions.

Complete turnkey solutions. Design, Build, Deliver, Service.

Operations director using advanced control panel screen

Sustainable incineration

Incineration Plant - Isle of Man - Bin Marshalling Area

Addfield Projects Advantage

Not all waste can be managed in the same way. Different waste streams consist of vastly different compositions, each requiring unique approaches to ensure environmentally clean and reliable incineration.

All of our installations are designed by our experienced in-house engineering teams using 3D Solidworks & fluid dynamics software. Our expertise lies in designing machines that meet your requirements exactly. Our team are experienced in delivering a range of facilities covering Animal, Medical, Petrochemical, Hazardous and Municipal. We understand how each waste behaves. Designing your machine to deliver optimal efficiency with maximum results.

Through developing each machine with you before applying our design and modeling expertise, we can be trusted to supply equipment capable of delivering the expected results for many years of intense operation. Supported by our global after-sales support. Benefiting from access to a large international team, including back office services, highly experienced field engineers, and growing global network of approved engineers you are never too far away from the Addfield support mechanism.

The Addfield Difference


Control & destroy waste efficiently

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Developing machines that sit comfortably within their geographical environment is of utmost importance to us especially as we are seeing an increase in installations in built up and residential areas.

We have always developed machines to protect the environment at every stage and have access to a range of advanced filtration systems available to ensure that all that returns to the environment is clean flue gas.

Filtration systems available include:

  • Gas Cleaning Wet Scrubber Systems
  • Ceramic Filters
  • Sorbent Injection
  • De-Nox Systems

Able to provide a mix of Wet and Dry filtration solutions implementing the latest technologies to ensure the safest operation of your incinerator.  Delivering systems capable of cleaning over 97% of particulates, heavy metals, dioxins and furans, before releasing any gasses back into the environment.

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We know that the planning process can be long and arduous and have experience in securing the right outcomes for many international installations. At Addfield Projects we are experts in waste management and supporting businesses like yours throughout the complete process from the earliest planning stages through to securing permitting and licenses to enable you to complete the installation.

All our incinerators are designed to be robust, reliable and efficient. Once secured we will begin your facility, manufacturing using traditional methods alongside the latest technical advances to ensure you receive the highest quality machines available. Using only premium components our multi-layered refractories are constructed from an interlocking design to ensure maximum strength and up to 40% increased efficiency compared to cast refractories, which you will commonly find in other manufacturers’ machines.

We do not expect you to simply take our word for the quality of our installations, we invite you to come and see for yourself.

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