Pet funerals: saying goodbye to a best friend

Dogs, Cats and many other domestic pets have long been recognised as man’s best friend, and we have no problem opening up our wallets to let our little fury friends know just how much we love them, lavishing them with the best squeaker toys money can buy, fashionable collars, comfy beds and even gourmet treats from bakeries catering solely to four-legged customers.

Pets we just love them as a family member in some cases even more so.

And when our pets have sadly departed this mortal coil, we’re willing to dig deep one last time to pay for an appropriate send off for our best pal and why not.

Yes, pet cremation is now a big booming business in the UK.

As valued family members, it’s natural to mourn their passing this has led to a surprise business boom inside the Pet cremation industry, as more companies start catering specifically to the pet loss market, as one of the top 50 startup businesses it’s time to look at Addfield for your new business venture.

Why should I buy an Addfield Pet Cremator?

Addfield have been designing and manufacturing pet cremators for over 30 years, with machines in every continent around the world we pride ourselves on building the most robust, reliable and thermally efficient cremator on the market.

Customer service is paramount, we will support you along your journey of setting up your pet crematorium business, speak to the experts today on 01543 571 280